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We have created this category of services to give a comprehensive picture of what we can do for you. So we also cover all the sub-categories of our main services summarizing the possibilities we can provide you.


As all materials exposed to the sun for long periods of time begin to deteriorate over time, losing their original composition, so car paints over time begin to lose their original gloss and acquire micro-scratches from washing and other factors.

The life of paints depends on:

a) the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer, b) the quality of the materials used by the painters when repainting some parts, c) the type of washing (it is good to wash by hand) d) the periods of time exposed to the sun but and other weather phenomena such as rain and frost. Dark colors tend to fade more easily because they attract radiation more and therefore need special attention in all cases.

After the first 4 to 5 years of the car's circulation, it would be good to polish the paint once a year in order to maintain the gloss in the paint, thus reflecting the sun's radiation more effectively. By polishing, we achieve a reduction of color damage from future burns or cracks and better preserve the original shade of this to avoid two colors when and as long as we repaint a part. Waxing is recommended to be done more often as it is a very easy and economical job that helps maintain the shine.

When we polish and wax the whole car we pass with a plastic maintenance emulsion all plastic non-painted surfaces on the outside such as mirrors, door trims and other parts of the body to preserve them over time as well. We use the 3M ointment system for excellent results and complete satisfaction.


In the body shop and paint shop, we apply techniques that we call spot or local repairs and paints (spot repairs).

With local repairs and painting, we achieve in many cases the limitation of repair and painting costs, the shortening of the delivery time and finally we do not reduce the resale value of the vehicle because it is clearly visible that not the entire piece has been painted but only a part of it. Our indicates that the vehicle is crash-free and thus retains better resale value. We restore local damages to their original state such as small puddles in difficult places and paint scratches. Of course the result is perfect and one cannot realize at the end that we have done a small repair locally without painting the whole wing for example or the door.


In recent years, by constantly upgrading our services according to the requirements, we have become an accident service unit and there is the possibility that our client will no longer be involved in the process of compensation from insurance companies. We serve all cases of compensation, i.e. accidents through amicable settlement, out of amicable settlement, mixed use, partial theft use, crash caused by uninsured etc. Just like the collaborating crews of the insurance companies, we too in the event of your accident with another car and on the condition that the responsibility rests with the other vehicle which can be clearly seen from the accident report of the at-fault driver or the traffic ticket you have as a copy, we undertake completely all the steps needed so that you receive your car in its original condition without incurring any costs*! Immediately after the appearance of the statements and the end of the 10 days that you ask the at-fault insurance companies to respond positively that their client is responsible (applies to companies that participate in the friendly settlement) we start by making the appointment with the expert, we make the assessment of the damage that it has been done with an accurate record of the work and parts that need to be replaced and we agree the final cost with the respective company, then we proceed with the repair of your car, we do some reassessment if necessary, we talk directly with your damage adjuster, we send him the receipts of work and spare parts and finally after about 10 working days the payment to us is made with an authorization validated by the K.E.P. h' from the police station that we give you when you leave our workshop. This authorization gives us the right to process your compensation from your insurance company (in the case of a friendly declaration) or the insurance of the one who hit you and it is presented to us once the car is delivered to you.

All insurance companies after the end of 3 years of a new car stop granting new and genuine parts for the damages caused by their customers and ask the victims to bear a participation in the cost of the parts deemed necessary to be replaced depending on how much the vehicle is old. This participation is requested only for the new original spare parts starting from 5% and reaching up to 30% of the value of the spare parts. If the owner agrees to put used original or imitation spare parts in the car, then he has no charge from the insurance companies. At RESTORE building partnerships of many years and having some discounts on original spare parts we decided to give this discount to the customers who support us and so here we would like to emphasize that we will not ask any charge from our customers related to the oldness of the spare parts (for cars up to 5 years old) regardless of insurance requirements.


Our company makes sure for you that on the days your car is being repaired, a replacement vehicle is provided free of charge that will serve you as long as you don't have yours. In this way, our work is done without the pressure of time due to the necessity of your move and you do not lose valuable time and extra money for your moves. The replacement car is given in all cases: repair from a crash if you are at fault or not (repair through insurance), pre-determined annual maintenance (service) or painting at your request and availability by appointment. 


For all our services (Body Shops, Paint and Service) you always have a 1-year warranty through the records we keep on the tab in your car. We record every time the services provided to you so that we are all aware of the quality and proper functioning of what we have repaired.


Every time we want to buy a used car we think, is it good, reliable? What will I face if it is not properly maintained? Make an appointment for a guaranteed purchase check every time you want to trade in your car for a used one, and we'll give you all the answers you need to decide if it's right for you.

We check if the car has crashed and how much damage it has suffered, if it has been painted and where repaints have been done, which parts have been replaced and which of them are genuine or imitations. We also thoroughly check all its mechanical parts through visual and electronic checks. The steering system, brakes, transmission, air conditioning and the operation of the engine are the main points that we look at if they need any immediate or future maintenance and we inform you of the cost of their repair so that you can decide whether you want to continue with the purchase of the car that you liked or no.


Summer is coming and when we turn on the air conditioning we find that it no longer works. Call us and book your appointment so we can diagnose your damage. We check for possible Freon leaks in the system, damage to the compressor, clogged filters or refrigerator, as well as electronic problems. We give you a full report and restore the air conditioning to its original condition by bringing the frozen air into your cabin again.

We have a filling machine for R134 freon (cars up to 2015) and R1234 freon for vehicles from 2015 up to today with the possibility of filling refrigerant in hybrids as well.

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